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Where I can consult how to use the application? Can I have a user manual?

Yes, you can find an extensive manual on Lazzus and its functionalities on this link: Lazzus user's manual

Is that manual available in accessible formats?

You can download the manual in MP3 format. To do so, click on the following link:

If I use Lazzus on a daily basis, how will it affect my data fee?

Actually, the use of Lazzus is not very expensive in this regard. On average, a user consumes about 5.6 MB per month. The location of "points of interest" implies the only regular consumption of information data, and it constitutes a very light information, which is not excessively significant.

Does my mobile phone have limitations that may difficult my experience with Lazzus?

You will find all the compatible models and platforms listed in the Lazzus user manual. Please note that Lazzus works on both Android and iOS platforms, although your experience will largely depend on the accuracy of the GPS technology offered by your device. Obviously, the more advanced terminal you have, the higher accuracy you enjoy..

Can Lazzus detect obstacles?

No, Lazzus is an application designed to help people with visual impairments in their day-to-day, rather than replace items such as a cane or guide dog. It is a complement.

Can Lazzus detect street elements such as curbsides?

Lazzus cannot detect curbsides, because its technology lies on detecting points of interest that are indicated on a map. Mapping all the curbsides of a town would be a too tough task. Anyway, users may include their own points of interest on their map, so, at any time, they may add warnings about curbsides that they usually find in their way. What Lazzus does detect are elements such as zebra crossings, street intersections, crossings, stores, public buildings, and so on.