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New since 28th March 2017

Support for institutional licenses

Now it is possible to associate an account to one or more lazzus institutions, taking benefit from free license upgrades and being able to receive notifications from them.

Text-to-speech voice selection (Android)

When accesing the app the first time, it will ensure to have at least one voice installed. When there are two or more voices installed, system will ask which one we do want to leave by default.

New since 26th of May 2016:

Navigon included

Navigon is now in the list of available apps to start a route from Lazzus.

GPS corrections: signal lost

When exploring, if the GPS signal is lost, Lazzus warns the user while trying to recover it.

New since 2nd of March 2016:

Monthly license

Now you can purchase a monthly license for 3.99 pounds.

New since 20th of January 2016:

Web to manage user map

We will give all users access to a website where you can add and delete any place in your own map. So from now, the application is not the only way to add places to your map. The idea is that the map is an addition to your experience with Lazzus, and from the web, with the help of someone in your environment, you may be able to customize your map as much as you want.

Favourite places

From now you can check any place as favorite accessing to its detail screen, from the list of nearby places. Also, by default, places added by the user will be marked as favourites too.

List of favourite places

In the Exploring mode you will always have accessible your list of favourite places. So you will be able to start a route to any of those places from any position whenever you want.

Favourites filter

A new filter is added so you can view only those places that you might have bookmarked.

New since 15th of December 2015:

Lazzus 360

This is the new exploring mode that Lazzus offers. This has been tought for carrying the mobile phone inside your pocket, without having to direct your phone there where you want to explore, as it is done in the "Vision field" mode. With this mode, Lazzus recognizes every place around you, in any direction, or which is the same, within 360 degrees. It will indicate any place than appears nearby your position, and, if you have the orientation indications active, it will also indicate the direction of that place. The distance that you can reach with this 360 mode is taken from the configuration option: "Vision field distance".

Activate orientation

Within the configuration screen you will be able to change whether the orientation indications are active or not. If it is on, orientation indications will be included, always in a approximate way, to every place, both within the 360 exploring mode and the nearby places list.

Indicate clockwise or directions orientation

Within the configuration screen, you will be able to select which type of orientation, both Lazzus 360, and the list of nearby places, that you prefer. There are two posibilities: It is important to take into account that those indications are approximate, and sometimes, they could be given with some error, based on the error of the GPS signal in every situation.

  • Clockwise orientation: you will receive clockwise indications (for example: Crosswalk at 2)
  • Diretions orientation: for every place you will receive one of these indications:
    • Front
    • Front right
    • Right
    • Back right
    • Back
    • Back left
    • Left
    • Front left

New since 24th of November 2015:

Delete places added by the user

When accessing the detail of any place, from the nearby places list; if you have added that place to your own map, you will be able to delete this place if necessary.

Auto mute exploring on receiving a call

If you are using Lazzus in exploring mode and you receive a call, it will be automatically silenced to avoid troubles during the call. When hanging up the phone it will activate again, also automatically.